Friday, January 16, 2015

Nancy Price - Antique & Design Center of High Point Exhibitor Spotlight

Thank you Nancy Price Home for sponsoring the Antique & Design Center of High Point.  Without our generous sponsors we could not produce such a fabulous week of events at #HPMkt!
 Coming full circle the renowned interior designer Nancy Price transitioned, a few years ago, from customer to exhibitor at the Antique and Design Center. Her booth's vignettes are as beautiful as the interiors she so skillfully designs. With a keen eye for color and composition, Nancy creates an ethereal design experience that sets the stage for showcasing her unique and exquisitely curated collection of antiques, vintage furniture, custom jewelry and fine objects.

Show photos by Chandra Young & Amanda Kinney, collage photos courtesy of Nancy Price Home and collage designed by Carmen Natschke, The Decorating Diva.

Market Imports - Antique & Design Center of High Point Exhibitor Spotlight

Thank you to Market Imports for being a Sponsor of the Antique & Design Center.
 Without our generous sponsors we could not produce such a wonderful week of events at High Point Market.

Dan Wilson, owner of Market Imports, just hasn’t had enough.  In over 35 years of buying, selling, manufacturing, trade/antiques shows, traveling, long flights, early mornings, late evenings, good and bad food, and all that comes with the territory, he still finds gratification in “the hunt” and in all of the varied finds.

Dan’s sharp and experienced eye for detail is evident in his 13,000 square foot High Point showroom at 100 N. Centennial Street, as well as at their new space at The Antique & Design Center of High Point on the Ground Level of Historic Market Square. Items are hand-selected and displayed in an interesting setting for easy shopping.  Many items are one-of-a-kind.

Photos and information courtesy of Market Imports.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nashville Rug Gallery - Fall Exhibitor / Sponsor Spotlight

 Thank you to Nashville Rug Gallery for being a sponsor of The Antique & Design Center, Fall High Point Market Show.  Without our generous sponsors we would not be able to produce such a wonderful week of events at #HPMkt.  Be sure to visit them at the Antique & Garden Show of Nashville January 30- February 1, 2015, at Scott Antique Market in Atlanta every month, and of course at High Point Market this Spring, as well as their permanent showroom in Nashville.
 For over fourteen years, Nashville Rug Gallery, has operated weaving operations in Turkey to weave their own designs and colors in reproduction Oushaks and now recently Khotans. They have an extensive copyrighted catalog of rug designs from which to work with their customers. Due to the ever changing nature of business, they started to weave in Nepal over four years ago for their more modern Tibetan rugs in hand spun Tibetan wool and Chinese silk. Their designs come from things in nature or other inspirations. Lastly, the past two years , they have been weaving their flat weaves in India with great success. These are woven much thicker than other flat weaves, which provides a better quality rug and look.
Finally, they are proud to introduce their policy of a dollar to dollar trade in on their rugs.  When a rug is purchased, you can trade dollar for dollar toward any rug or combination of rugs just so long as it equals or goes higher than the past purchase. Please note the rug needs to be in shape to resell to another customer. Simply stated this service is very clear to understand and more importantly they put it in writing. This will make Nashville Rug Gallery the only rug vendor at High Point to offer this long term service.  Don't miss them at the Suites at Market Square M-2042

Turkish Oushak
Vintage Maylayer
Antique Look Oushak
Serapi Oushak
Flat Weave
Information and photos courtesy of Nashville Rug Gallery.

Punch Jones - Antique & Design Center of High Point - Exhibitor Spotlight

Thank you to Punch Jones for being a sponsor of the Antique & Design Center at High Point Market.  Without our generous sponsors we could not produce such a wonderful week of events at #HPMkt.
As we continue our quest to "Be Moved", we asked Heidi Hall-Jones, of Punch Jones, what moves her, and we loved her responses.  We think you will too...
  • Transformation.  Seeing the potential in an object beyond it's current color, state of repair, or present use.  Working with talented craftsmen, keeping time honored decorative techniques alive.
  • Playing with color, shape, form.  Mixing it up: high and low, rough with the smooth, modern with antique.  Adding something unexpected, whether it's a jolt of color, a texture, an object or piece of art to energize a space (and get a conversation started.)

  • The sensual experiences that fold into memories: the scent of tea olives blooming at the back door, sitting in front of a fire with a vintage wool throw wrapped around your shoulders, peonies massed in your grandmother's vase.  Understanding that furniture and objects don't merely decorate a house, but become the elements of making a sanctuary, a home. 
  • But most of all: having fun.  Enjoying life and bringing joy whenever possible, served up with laughter and a glass of rosé champagne! ~Heidi
   Don't miss Heidi's fabulous eye for design at Antique & Design Center of High Point
Ground Level of Market Square - Spaces 8 & 9a
April 16-23, 2015

Photos and information courtesy of Punch Jones.