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Fall 2014 Exhibitors... Continued: Antique & Design Center of High Point

by Carmen Natschke

Looking for that special something for your home decor shop or the perfect piece to finish an interior design project? Look no further than the fabulous Antique and Design Center of High Point (ADC). The ADC is the only location in which over 70 of the best dealers in the country gather twice a year to offer an exquisite and beautifully curated selection of antiques, vintage, and new designs. So, whether you're looking for something a little glam, chic, continental, artisan made, industrial, glorious or garden inspired, set course for the ADC, and be prepared to "Be Moved" for what is sure to be an inspiring journey of discovery!


Stout's Great Stuff
What Moves Us: The antiques business moves us the way music makes us want to dance. They both have been a significant part of our lives since we were married 44 years ago. As we get older, we find that our passion for antiques as well as our love of music that touches the spirit and makes us want to get up and dance are two very strong factors that keep us strong and always moving!

The fantastic cycle of our antique's business: the shopping, making a find, getting it ready for sell and then experiencing the joy that comes from someone loving it as much as we do is so moving on many levels and it fuels our passion for this business.  Exhibiting at the Antique and Design Center show has been a wonderful experience. We have been deeply moved by everything related to the show from the family of dealers, the support and guidance provided by Karen, Amanda, Chandra and the team, and all of the wonderful people visiting the show that we've met. We never want that feeling of being inspired and moved by passion to end. We hope that you can come by and visit us, and perhaps you'll be moved, too! George & Kitty

About: George and Kitty, owners of Stout's Great Stuff, are as well known for their fun, humorous, innovative and edgy booth designs as they are for being Shag Dance champions traveling the country showing off their choreographed dance moves. Their love of antiques and dance intersect in a melodious setting in which George creatively pairs up Industrial, Art Deco, and Mid-Century pieces with original art and sculpture, always eliciting a double-take by those walking by his booth. Captivating, original, and still keeping it fresh after 35 years in the business; Stout's Great Stuff is definitely the place to visit when you're seeking something out of the ordinary or the unexpected.
Design Styles: Chic, Industrial, Glam
Booths: G40 & G41
Website: Stout's Great Stuff


String Theory Home

What Moves Us: Color, pattern and texture in textiles with a rich history steeped in Indian craftsmanship and artistry moves us. We are thrilled and deeply moved to be sharing our new Kantha color collection of sumptuous orchids, intense blues and vintage rust textiles with visitors to the Antique and Design Center show this fall.  Steve Sorrow & String Theory Home

About: Discovering and bringing antiques, art, primitive furniture and the exotic, deeply hued, and magnificently patterned textiles of India to US markets is a passion for Steven Sorrow the owner of String Theory Home. String Theory Home offers a beautiful selection of rugs, home textiles, and other home furnishings including pillows, storage, bags, area rugs, accent rugs, Kantha quilts, Kantha pillows, Kantha throws, Kantha blankets, Kantha scarves, Kantha shawls, Kantha bags, and more.
Design Styles: Artisan Made, Chic, Continental
Booth: G43
Website: String Theory Rug & Textile
Connect: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram


Sleepy Hollow Antiques

About: Terry Kolsrud travels the globe in search of unique and interesting furnishings, and is driven by the thrill of unearthing unusual and unique antiques to bring back to his antiques shop, Sleepy Hollow Antiques. Terry's booth is a splendid mix of architectural elements, primitive pieces and industrial decor from India, Asia and Europe sitting alongside his own original design collection of Earth-friendly vine balls, harvested from vines pulled from trees, that he has fashioned into sconces, sculptures and hanging pendants.
Design Styles: Artisan, Chic, Industrial
Booths: G49, G50, G51
Website: Sleepy Hollow Antiques


Carol Pollard

About: Renowned in antiques and vintage circles as the dealer other antiquarian and vintage dealers flock to, Carol Pollard never fails to impress with her flair for creating spellbinding, dramatic vignettes furnished with eclectic pieces from varied periods, styles and provenance. Her exhibit is among the best in show, and her pieces are quickly snatched off the floor by savvy buyers.
Design Styles: Chic, Glam, Glorious
Booth: G28
Connect: Facebook



About: Cathy Sexton of Catiques deftly breathes new life into vintage jewelry creating a resplendent and sublime contemporary collection of repurposed baubles and bejeweled accessories that are sure to mesmerize with their elegant allure.
Design Styles: Artisan Made, Chic, Glam
Booth: G63
Website: Catiques
Connect: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
ADC Spotlight: Catiques Vintage Jewelry Spring 2014, Catiques Vintage Jewelry Fall 2013


Acanthus Studios Inc

What Moves Us: Is our enduring love of the outdoors. We both grew up on St. Simons Island, Georgia and spent our childhood exploring paradise. As children, we weren't allowed to sit inside and vegetate in front of the television set. We both spent countless hours trekking through the woods, playing on the beach and in the water. We feel that our business, Acanthus Studios, is a culmination of our lifelong love affair with the outdoors. We aren't your typical, run of the mill antiques store. We are greatly inspired by nature and take beautiful antique and vintage furniture and accessories for your home and give them a twist with surprising finds from nature. We draw inspiration from the savannas of Africa, to the oceans of the world or even your own backyard. - Jess & Gayle

About: Acanthus Studios offers a very diverse selection of hand-picked, attention-getting antique and vintage pieces sourced from exotic destinations the world over, all combined with touches of nature inspired elements. Their natural world products run the gamut from shells and coral to horn sconces and zebra skin rugs. They also design custom lamps made from quartz crystals, amethyst and petrified wood.
Design Styles: Artisan Made, Chic, Continental
Booth: G24
Website: Acanthus Studios
Connect: Facebook
ADC Spotlight: Acanthus Studios Spring 2014, Acanthus Studios Fall 2013

The Antique & Design Center is excited to welcome Carmen Natschke as a guest writer for our blog! Maria Natschke is a freelance writer, speaker and the founder of the internationally acclaimed blog, The Decorating Diva. Her passion for design has her traveling the globe as a lifestyle and design expert sharing her love of art, architecture, design, and trends.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fall 2014 Exhibitors: Antique & Design Center of High Point

By Carmen Natschke

Looking for that special something for your home decor shop or the perfect piece to finish an interior design project? Look no further than the fabulous Antique and Design Center of High Point (ADC). The ADC is the only location in which over 70 of the best dealers in the country gather twice a year to offer an exquisite and beautifully curated selection of antiques, vintage, and new designs. So, whether you're looking for something a little glam, chic, continental, artisan made, industrial, glorious or garden inspired, set course for the ADC, and be prepared to Be Moved!, for what is sure to be an inspiring journey of discovery!

Sandy Luther Antiques & Architecturals

About: Sandy Luther Antiques and Architecturals offers an artistically styled mix of classic 18th and 19th century French and Italian furniture, mirrors and accessories as well as architectural elements. Sandy is known for her distinctive style combining classic pieces with found objects, her elegant attention to details, and for her use of a sublime greige, gilded palette which serves to highlight each of the beautiful pieces in her booth. Her market displays are truly works of art that will take your breath away. Sandy resupplies daily as she sells out, so keep coming by to see what's new!
Design Styles: Continental, Glam, Glorious
Booth: G48

The Pink Door

About: Powerhouse father and son team, and owners of The Pink Door, Glenn Lavinder, celebrated interior designer and prolific antiques dealer, alongside his son Cameron add an inimitable, polished style to their posh antiques and design offerings. Whatever style you're seeking the odds are pretty good that you'll find what you're looking for amongst The Pink Door's selection of fine antique and vintage furniture and decor from various periods - some dating back to the 18th century.
Design Styles: Continental, Glam, Glorious
Booths: G16a & G16b
Website: The Pink Door
Connect: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram


About: Enchanted by the exotic furniture, decor and textiles they discovered while vacationing in Morocco, Glen and Ellen Wunderley decided to bring back some of the beautiful treasures they found to share with others and in the process their import business, Wunderley was born. Wunderley offers fine artisan crafted delights from Syria, Morocco and various other Middle Eastern countries.
Design Styles: Artisan Made, Chic, Continental
Booth: G62
Website: Wunderley

Lola & Bess

What Moves Me: "Be Moved coincides very well with our company's tagline which is "live with things you love". We are moved so often in this business which enables us to be surrounded by items which have a history - a life that can only be imagined through the study of origin and period of the piece. We encourage our clients to live with items that move them. It's a good design gauge: If you fall in love with something, it will marry well with the things already in your home.î -Bess Halstead Lee

About: The mother and daughter team of Martha Halstead and Lola Halstead Lee are the elegant and talented design mavens behind the splendid Lola & Bess shop. With a passion for beautiful art, antiques, design and craftsmanship the duo curate a divine collection of beautiful art, and antique and design pieces they've thoughtfully sourced throughout the markets of Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom.
Design Styles: Continental, Glam, Glorious
Booth: G61
Website: Lola & Bess
Connect: Facebook, Pinterest

DeLoach Modern

About: DeLoach Modern, helmed by siblings and interior designers Candace and Michael DeLoach, offers 1970s vintage and Mid-Century Modern furniture, decor and art. When the creative duo aren't showing their amazing vintage decor in perfectly designed vignettes that transport you, oh, so stylishly in time, at the Antique and Design Center they can be found pursuing their love of interior design. Candace divides her time between designing interiors and running a Charlottesville, Virginia bed and breakfast while Michael practices his design magic in New York City. And, a little design trivia for those of us who love movie set design! Candace's partner was one of the set designers on the Oscar winning movie, Lincoln. Fun!
Design Styles: Glam, Chic, Artisan Made
Booth: G55
Website: DeLoach Modern

Nancy Price Home

What Moves Me: Be Moved is the perfect tag line for the Antiques & Design Center and it is my desire for each person that walks the aisles. I am moved and inspired by the curated collection of pieces found at the ADC. As both a designer and an antiquare, I live in the anticipation of that moment when I spot that perfect piece that will either complete or begin a design project. The piece that I know will enrich the entire design experience for my client. I feel this type of anticipation from other dealers here. I am thrilled to be a part of this unique group of collectors and to share with the buyers my passion for design, art, and procurement of that piece that will be their perfect piece. Nancy Price

About: Coming full circle the renowned interior designer Nancy Price transitioned, a few years ago, from customer to exhibitor at the Antique and Design Center. Her booth's vignettes are as beautiful as the interiors she so skillfully designs. With a keen eye for color and composition, Nancy creates an ethereal design experience that sets the stage for showcasing her unique and exquisitely curated collection of antiques, vintage furniture, custom jewelry and fine objects.
Design Styles: Glam, Artisan Made, Chic
Booth: G35
Website: Nancy Price Interiors
Connect: Blog, Facebook, Pinterest

The Antique & Design Center is excited to welcome Carmen Natschke as a guest writer for our blog! Maria Natschke is a freelance writer, speaker and the founder of the internationally acclaimed blog, The Decorating Diva. Her passion for design has her traveling the globe as a lifestyle and design expert sharing her love of art, architecture, design, and trends.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Troy & Sons brings the Boiler Room Bar to life each High Point Market

Troy & Sons brings the Boiler Room Bar to life each Fall & Spring at High Point Market

by Bob Haack

Poised in the deep dark hollows and forgotten dusty corners of what was among the original [circa 1900] industrial revolution factories and the heartbeat of The Furniture Capital of the World, a behemoth furnace – the power source of a once burgeoning industry - lies fallow and cold.
By virtue of the Energy supplied by the Antique & Design Center of High Point North Carolina, and fueled with the Spirit of Troy & Sons Whiskey of Asheville, North Carolina, what was once a forgotten relic steams back to life, reincarnated as: The Boiler Room Bar!
Each Spring and Autumn, more than 80,000 buyers and sellers from around the globe converge on High Point to engage in the largest furniture market of its kind in the world, High Point Market.
 Thanks to the Antique & Design Center, and the generous contribution of Troy & Sons, The Boiler Room Bar has become a focal point and gathering destination for a diverse array of guests, local and international, eager to hear the story of the origin of Troy and & Sons Whiskey.
Creating a new heritage with locally grown heirloom white corn dating back to the 1800s, old fashioned hard work, and the special handmade touch that renders Troy & Sons whiskey so uniquely savory and smooth, the weary of foot are delighted to relax, create new friendships, reminisce, and share the taste and afterglow of this fine whiskey surrounded by the ambiance and historic treasure of The Boiler Room Bar.
We are grateful for the generous sponsorship of Troy & Sons which allowed us to raise almost $1000. in the tip jar last market, that was donated to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Hospice.  

You can visit Asheville Distilling Company, home of Troy & Sons premium handmade small batch whiskey at 12 Old Charlotte Highway, Asheville, North Carolina, 28803

Special thanks to Bob Haack who graciously serves as the bartender of The Boiler Room Bar during High Point Market, generously donates his tips to charity and thankfully wrote this great story for us.
Robert A. Haack, MBA

Following 10 years in the corporate world as a supply side product manager and then district manager for distribution of industrial safety equipment and supplies in Chicago, Illinois, Bob relocated to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where he earned his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. Over the course of 15 years, he held administrative directorships over several departments in the University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center including; Clinical Epidemiology, Family Medicine, Neurology, Clinical Research in Behavioral Medicine, and the Center for Clinical Pharmacology.

Bob now resides in Winston-Salem North Carolina where he is actively involved in the Biotechnology and Life Science renaissance underway at the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, serving in an advisory and consulting capacity focusing on organizational management, strategic planning, tactical implementation, logistics, branding and marketing, and business development with emerging enterprises in the Biotechnology and Life Science arena.

In his free time Bob enjoys building, balancing on two wheels, blues harmonica, and collecting unique treasures.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Be Moved! Antique & Design Center Exhibitors Share What Inspires Them

by Carmen Natschke ~ The Decorating Diva

Nearly 500 years ago the intrepid explorer, Ferdinand Magellan wrote,

The sea is dangerous and its storms terrible. But these obstacles have never been sufficient reason to remain ashore.

Unlike the mediocre, intrepid spirits seek victory over those things that seem impossible.

It is with an iron will that they embark on the most daring of all endeavors, to meet the shadowy future without fear and conquer the unknown.

Those words by Magellan kept floating in and out of my thoughts as I listened to Karen Luisana, co-owner of the Antique and Design Center of High Point, share her heart-felt, inspiring and quite compelling story of the Antique and Design Center show’s early days as well as the significance of their tagline, “Be Moved.”

It was all but impossible to not see how each line in Magellan's now famed and oft quoted passage perfectly aligned with Karen’s tale of inspiration, passion, and faith as she too embarked on a journey that would take her and her business partner, Amanda Lane Kinney through a voyage into unknown territory teeming with untold obstacles. Like Magellan they pushed aside their fear, fueled by their passion for antiques and the inspiration to see a better future for antiques dealers – they took a leap of faith, and made their dreams come true while lifting others so they could live their dreams, too and in the process the “Be Moved” campaign was born.
Now in their ninth High Point Market, Karen confides that the “Be Moved” movement all started thanks to a turn of unplanned and unforeseen events that unfolded a mere two days before the closing of the 2010 High Point fall market. Karen and Amanda, ebullient after having a very successful inaugural Antique and Design Center show held in the former Maitland Smith building which had been transformed into an elegant venue housing over 50 antiques exhibitors, were informed that their lease would not be renewed and they would need to move. That day they experienced the amazing highs of producing a very successful first show, and the gut-wrenching disappointment of being told that this would be the last show in that building. Karen asked Amanda one poignant and powerful question, “Do we want this to be over?” Walking away with a triumphant first show to their name would have been easy. But it was more than just about the financials and the success; they were consumed with passion for antiques and for helping other antiques dealers survive what had been several years of financial turmoil in a depressing landscape that had seen antiques dealers across the country closing their businesses forever. Gratefully, both agreed to keep going on their journey and took another leap of faith when they leased space in Market Square ( the Antique and Design Center show's home for the last four years) and added even more antique dealers to the show. Shortly thereafter, talented interior designer and office manager, Chandra Young brought her magic to the team with her endearing spirit. During that unplanned move, they came up with the “Be Moved” campaign to capture the essence of each of the following: the physical move, moving past fears, letting inspiration and passion move you and the idea to keep moving forward and staying true to your personal journey in life.

Knowing Karen, Amanda and Chandra's, “Be Moved” movement I was curious as to what inspires and moves some of the very best antiques and vintage dealers in the country so we asked six of the fabulous Antique and Design Center exhibitors showing their wares during the 2014 fall High Point Market what moved them. The answers they gave us will surprise and delight you, but above all they will touch you so deeply and inspire you so completely that you will “Be Moved”, too!

Luisana Designs & Antiques

What Moves Me: “I think what really moves me on a personal level, is the combination of beauty and passion inherent in the discovery, for instance, of an exquisite handcrafted plaster bust of a young woman, done by an unknown student or in an artfully created and composed dish, presented by a cook or chef who loves every aspect of that creation. I’m also fortunate that my business provides me with such inspiration on so many levels. I love co-producing the Antique and Design Center Show along with Amanda and Chandra, and that moves me more than anything. The opportunity to bring together so many diverse, talented people with their own personal passions in such a way that accentuates and highlights them all is the ultimate adrenalin rush! It is quite challenging at times, but, WOW----when the vibe is on, and everyone feels the pulse of this place- there’s nothing better!”Karen Luisana


About: Luisana Designs & Antiques offer a beautifully edited collection of pieces from various periods. This fall, the collections will include a 1940s life-sized cement hand-sculpted “"diver" sculpture of a young man from the yard of a New York estate, a 1970s steel abstract wall sculpture created by Arnold Feingold commissioned by a Massachusetts bank, and an 18th century Italian gypsy cart, repainted in the 1950s by a Walt Disney designer.

Design Styles: Glam, Chic, Continental
Booth: M77
Website: Luisana Designs
Connect: Facebook, Twitter
A&DC Exhibitor Spotlight: Luisana Designs and Antiques

Antiques on Holiday

What Moves Me: "I am moved by color and old painted piece of architecture from the South of France stops me in my tracks. A farm table that has been worn by breadboards and wine baskets is finer & thrills me more than a museum quality dining table. Heavy, a palm-sized crystal on an iron chandelier above a worn table makes me smile." - Ann Miller Hopkins

What Moves Me: "Patina of any kind moves me; Antique, well-loved furnishings paired with vintage art create an eclectic venue. Treasure-sourced merchandise from the South of France, Paris, and Belgium fill my shop with a layered patina that keeps me constantly motivated." - Misty Fowler

About: Antiques on Holiday is a direct importer of European antique furniture and décor, architectural elements, artwork, fine china, textiles, estate jewelry and vintage clothing.

Design Styles: Continental, Chic, Glorious
Booth: G11 & G13
Website: Antiques on Holiday
Connect: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

20th Century by HKFA

What Moves Me: "What moves me in the world of vintage and antique design? The thrill of the hunt! There is something to be said of the idea of surprise. Walking into the premier antique and vintage showroom at High Point, the Antique and Design Center, one finds surprises at each and every turn. Whether it is the rare, the sublime, or the unique, without fail, at each Market since my debut in April 2013, I've found myself marveling at the treasures in the booths of my colleagues. Inspired by their eye and view, I am constantly moved by what I see at the Antique and Design Center.” Heather Karlie Viera

About: 20th Century by HFKA offers a beautifully curated selection of important 20th Century designs from furniture to décor to art.

Design Styles: Chic, Glam, Glorious
Booth: G34
Website: 20th Century by HKFA
Connect: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn
A&DC Exhibitor Spotlight: 20th Century by HKFA

Craig Ringstad & Don Fields Antiques

What Moves Us: "What moves us in life, antiques, friendships, and decorating, is to live by the philosophy –that less is more, more is better, and excess is best! We love life to its excess- the antique and design show lets us live out this indulgence to its fullest! Beautiful antiques set amongst colorful artfully displayed booths and best of all welcoming dealers that within minutes become friends, and soon family! We do shows all over the country- but this show leaves us feeling revived, refreshed and most of all inspired.” Craig Ringstad & Don Fields

About: Don and Craig are planning on setting up our new container from France at this show- and are sure to have wonderful things for all that walk in the door.

Design Styles: Continental, Glorious & Artisan Made
Booth: G52 & G53
Website: Craig Ringstad Antiques (Craig) and Morning Glory Antiques Inc. (Don)
Connect: Facebook

Caroline Faison Antiques

What Moves Me: "What moves me the most is getting a phone call at 8:00 in the morning and the person on the other end starts off, "My parents bought some things from you and I was wondering if you might be interested in buying them back.” I cannot control myself and have to hop in the car at that exact moment and rush over to the house before they change their mind. I would say aside from shopping in Italy and France, my favorite thing is buying back beautiful early antiques that I had sold 20 or 30 years ago.” Caroline Faison

About: Caroline Faison Antiques is a direct importer or of exquisite 17th, 18th and 19th Century Continental antiques.

Design Styles: Continental, Glorious, Garden
Booth: G42
Website: Caroline Faison Antiques
Connect: Facebook

Vintage Persian Rugs by Jubin Tavakol

What Moves Me: "What moves me is seeing the intense passion and appreciation my clients have for the art form of antique hand woven rugs and textiles.” Jubin Tavakol

About: Vintage Persian Rugs by Jubin Tavakol is a purveyor of the finest quality antique and vintage decorative rugs.

Design Styles: Artisan Made, Continental
Booth: G60
Website: Vintage Persian Rugs
Connect: Facebook, Twitter

What Moves You?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what moves you and fills your life with inspiration and passion.

The Antique & Design Center is excited to welcome Carmen Natschke as a guest writer for our blog! Maria Natschke is a freelance writer, speaker and the founder of the internationally acclaimed blog, The Decorating Diva. Her passion for design has her traveling the globe as a lifestyle and design expert sharing her love of art, architecture, design, and trends.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More Summer Antiquing - Baltimore

 As summer draws to a close and we start gearing up for Fall High Point Market at the Antique & Design Center we have a few more seasonal stops on the antiquing trail.  Tomorrow I'll be heading to the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show to catch up with a few of our #HPMKT #ADC dealers, so in preparation, I thought I'd share a few photos from last year.  If you are in the area this weekend you should check out this beautiful antiques show.
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Road Trippin' to Brimfield!

In May, Antique & Design Center founder, Karen Luisana and I made our way up to Brimfield MA with Interior Designer friend Debbie Day.  Visiting antiques shows all over the world is one of the most fun parts of our job!  Days include getting up at the crack of dawn and standing in line to hit the fields as the sun rises over the church steeple in this tiny little town that turns into a one of the largest Antiques Flea Markets in the Country, three times per year.  

Karen and Chandra are there now, so enjoy these highlights from May while they scour the fields this week for fresh, hot, merchandise and fabulous Antiques Dealers for High Point Market! 

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The crowd waiting to run into May's Field on Thursday morning, when the gates open & dealers start unloading their truckloads of treasures.

View from our little piece of paradise.  Nice way to end a long day of trekking through the fields.


Fun running into friends like Julia Buckingham Edelmann of Buckingham Interiors + Design

Multiple trips up and down these stair daily to our little lake cottage, plus over 10 miles of walking a day, makes Brimfield a fitness retreat as well as a work trip!
Karen, Debbie and Amanda after a long week of treasure hunting!