Monday, April 11, 2016

Exhibitor Spotlight: Box Road

Box Road is an antique & design project spurred by the encouragement of friends, the desire to create by its founders & maybe a margarita or two. 
Michael Ouellette & Donnie Volkart formed Box Road in 2014.  The friends, after years of discussion finally took the plunge, combining their talents & resources to start the process of branding their unique look. They set out across the world to assemble Box Road’s goods & wares, and at present make them available at up coming shows like The Antique & Design Center at High Point Market.. Online & special projects are in the works and who knows what these guys will come up with.
They specialize in a mix of styles such as painted country furniture, ironstone, folk art, jewelry and other oddities and sell out of their warehouse in Central Missouri, Round Top Texas and at The Antique & Design Center of High Point shows.
They love the sense of history, memory and emotion the items they collect bring forth.
You can learn more at their website and connect with them on facebook!


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Exhibitor Spotlight: Nancy Price

We are so happy to have Nancy Price and her team with us time after time.  Nancy always knocks it out of the park with her beautifully edited space and we can't wait to see what she does this Spring!

What's her specialty?:   
Nancy sees the full potential in blending objects together to create seemingly unusual pairings that evolve a space into livable art. She does this with varying styles of antiques, her jewelry line, and art. Each piece is truly one of a kind.

Where does she sell?   
Nancy has her interior design studio and showroom in Jackson, MS. 

Nancy shows in High Design at Americas Mart in Atlanta

There is a selection of the antiques offered on The HighBoy. 

How did you get started in the Antiques/Design business?:    Over the course of her career, Nancy has traveled the world in search of inspiration and beautiful pieces for Nancy Price Interior Design. Her global expeditions serve as both creative folder for Nancy’s work, as well as a means of augmenting her well curated collection of objects for her clients and showroom. Nancy’s love of travel and particular eye for timeless treasures led to showcasing her signature aesthetic through another medium – launching her own jewelry line, AURA.  AURA artfully combines antique and original reliquaries and stones that Nancy has collected on her travels to create one of a kind pieces.

What do you love about antiques & the business of antiques?:    I love the thrill of the hunt. One of my favorite stories is almost missing my flight because I spotted a stack of amazing old paintings in the back of a warehouse in South America. I crawled over countless things to get to them and sure enough what I found was totally worth it. I love that each piece that I find has a soul and a story. The pieces I find provide depth to my interior design projects as well as the one of a kind look I love.

WHY DO YOU LOVE HIGH POINT?:    We love the group of exhibitors at the Antique and Design Center and Karen, Amanda, and Chandra make the experience worth coming back every time. This amazing group at the ADC is a tight knit family that we feel privileged to be a part of. It's the only place in High Point that you can find an abundance of one of a kind pieces with soul.

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Friday, April 8, 2016

New Exhibitor Spotlight: Lucky Fish Gallery

When you visit us this Spring you will see all your old friends from previous markets plus a few new faces in the mix.  Each of them have great energy and great pieces for you to discover!

We are happy to welcome Lucky Fish Gallery to the Antique & Design Center of High Point this Spring.  
April 14-20, 2015. 
Market Square Ground Level Space 15 ADC and 
Upstairs on Mezz in the Lecture Room/Recharge Station

What's your specialty?:    We love artwork, paintings, drawings, sculptures, pottery, weavings, anything art related, new, old, worn, fresh!

We work with artists who need us! Artists that stay in the studio and create. Or artists that have moved on in this life but left their artwork in our care.

Are we art experts?, well, yes in our own little world:)

Where do you sell? A shop? Shows? Online?:    We sell here in the Antique and design Center and also at LEE Industries showroom during High Point Furniture Market.

We sell on line but to the trade only at
What is your favorite purchase ever, the one that was hard to let go of, or the one that got away?:    I bought a painting from the artist Peter Keil of Germany, he has tons of work out in this world but... this one was way different and really special. This was one of his early works,,,, he painted this piece when he was young and in NY and totally inspired. The worse part is that I sold it really cheap :(
what was I thinking? :/

WHY DO YOU LOVE HIGH POINT?:    I love High Point when the world arrives... it's like a little sleeping child, once awake, crazy, running spinning, wearing herself out and then lying down for a 6 month nap.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New Exhibitor Spotlight: Baileywyck Antiques of Middleburg

We are excited to welcome new exhibitor, Lisa Vella of Baileywyck Antiques of Middleburg.  You can find her April 14-20th at The Antique & Design Center of High Point, on Mezzanine right above the Boiler Room Bar, which we know you'll be stopping by for a sip of Troy & Son's Whiskey, so head on up the stairs to see Lisa!  You will love her.
We asked... she answered... 

What's your specialty?: 
We offer all styles and periods of furnishings individually picked by us to enhance our customers homes. From ten foot tall hand carved mirrors, and french hand painted oil on canvas screens, we offer something for everyone.

Where do you sell? A shop? Shows? Online?: 
We have a 4000 square foot brick and mortar shop in beautiful hunt country of Middleburg Va one hour from DC as well as an eBay store and now The High Point Antique and design Center.

How did you get started in the Antiques/Design business?: 
As a young Mom with kids in school and living in Oxford England, I had the time to learn to love all things old.
What do you love about antiques & the business of antiques?:
I have found that people who are interested in antiques have so many tales to share themselves that my love is twofold. I sell something I found interesting to someone who introduces this one of a kind piece into their own home and now it takes on their life and they add even more history to it. And, in some small way, I have become part of their lives. And hopefully a happy, and comfortable one that makes them smile for years to come!
What is your favorite purchase ever, the one that was hard to let go of, or the one that got away?: 
My first golden retriever named Bailey whom my shop and farm was named after.I will never let go of him.
: )
High Point is all things exciting and beautiful. It has color, personality, warmth and excitement.

Social Media Links:   
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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Antique & Design Center Stands Against Descrimination

The Antique and Design Center of High Point LLC stands in solidarity with our friends, family and colleagues AGAINST the HB2 bill that has recently passed in the North Carolina legislature.
Discriminating against LGBT people, or anyone, is not what we or our state are about! ‪#‎wearenotthis‬

Here at the ADC, we are about diversity and inclusivity; pushing the envelope and pushing boundaries; personal expressions of the individual and the beauty of the collective.
We are hopeful that the narrow-minded thinking that carried the day on March 24th will be swiftly over-ruled. We pledge to work on influencing our lawmakers to see that this un-American law is removed from the books in our great state. It insults us all!

Our family of exhibitors consists of a broad spectrum of entrepreneurial spirits who follow their own dreams and passions to be here. They come from all over the world, bringing the best of the best for our home-furnishing clients. Please don’t punish them by boycotting (or girlcotting) the High Point Market Show…Make your voices heard in a more direct way by communicating personally with every one who voted to approve the bill and we will do the same.

Yours In love and beauty- Karen , Amanda and Chandra of the ADC of High Point ‪#‎hpadc‬ ‪#‎hpmkt‬

Exhibitor Spotlight: 20th Century by HKFA

An interview with Heather Vieira of 20th Century by HKFA

What's your specialty?: 
20th Century by HKFA is all about antiques. Fine items with character, tradition and provenance. These pieces are the foundation of every classic interior. These are the pieces that you'll bequeath to your heirs and they'll sell at auction for an incredible return... Start them off right by buying a few pieces here. Whether you're the Old Master type, fine American furniture connoisseur or somewhere in between… we'll probably have that piece that is somewhere in between Old and Fine.

20th Century by HKFA is all about modern. Fresh items with color, wit and whimsy. These pieces are the focal point of every new interior. These are the pieces that your friends will secretly covet, hate you for having the guts to buy, yet compliment you profusely on your style... Help them to get their yellow smiles shining brightly. Whether you're looking for an 'in your face' statement piece of art, an 'over the top' piece of furniture or something completely different… we'll probably have something else entirely.

Where do you sell? A shop? Shows? Online?: 
A rolling stone gathers no moss.
The 20th Century by HKFA showroom is always on the move.
Keep up with new finds and the show schedule through social media.

Shop with me every April and October in High Point,
May, July and September find me in Brimfield.

Shop with me on 1stdibs any time!

How did you get started in the Antiques/Design business?: 
From early mornings in New York City to sunny travels in Rio de Janeiro, history lessons in Philadelphia to the Southern charm of High Point, my journey now finds me on the South Shore in beautiful Hingham... And all along I've been sourcing the important and rare finds in antique, vintage and modern.
I'm Heather Karlie Vieira, welcome to 20th Century by HKFA. I suppose it all started back in the 1980's when I'd be in the flea markets of rural New Jersey with my family. I'd be walking along amazed by all of the offerings... from Queen Anne chairs to Freddy Mercury records, crystal chandeliers to ball gowns, brass side tables to ships models... it was all there for the offering. Fast forward to 2002, I had moved to New York City with the dream of becoming an antique dealer. With a six month sublet and six hundred dollars, I set out into the City that Never Sleeps. It was here that I happened upon the world famous 26th Street flea market. Every weekend dealers brought their freshest finds and the buyers lined up with flash lights in hand to buy them. I had found my passion in antique and period picture frames, so a specialist I became. Soon thereafter I established myself as a serious dealer in fine picture frames and found my clients throughout the coveted Upper East Side and all along upper Madison Avenue. With a selection of frames on my shoulder and a swipe of my MetroCard I was transported from my studio apartment in the West Village to another world. A world of Picassos and Kandinskys, Cassats and Sargents, Titians and Tintorettos... it was magical. As the years went on, my eye became drawn to art, furniture, lighting, case goods, accessories, you name it! I was now a regular exhibitor at the Pier Antique Shows and the downtown Armory Antique Shows. My client roster was growing and so was my family. I met my husband while waitressing (because everyone in New York City has more than one job) and we welcomed our first daughter in 2008. Buying and selling continued to grow and so did our family. We welcomed our second daughter in 2009. New York City had given me a profession and a family. Life was wonderful. By then we were living in the same tiny West Village studio apartment that I had moved into back in 2002 and it has become just a bit too small for the four of us. So we pulled up stakes and moved to Cidade Maravilhosa, Rio de Janeiro. My husband is a true Carioca and I immediately fell in love with the rhythm and beauty of Rio. I soon discover Praca Quinze, the famed flea market, as well as a new passion - Brazilian modernist furniture. I had soon bought enough to fill a container and ship it back to New York City. The market was ripe for the ultra fresh, ultra exclusive finds. We slowly wound our way back to the States and settled in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Beautiful scenery with the added bonus of proximity to New York City, we were enjoying it all. After a couple years there we headed to my hometown of Philadelphia. Home of Rocky, the cheesesteak and our Founding Fathers. It was a great move as the buying in Philly was particularly strong and it was here that I discovered the Antique and Design Center of High Point. Through my dealer friends, I began to learn about the twice yearly event of High Point and more importantly about the exclusive Antique and Design Center - a vetted showroom of over 70 dealers in antique, vintage and modern furnishings. I am proud to say that this coming April will mark my seventh exhibition and sale there... the sky is the limit! It was here that I had the pleasure of selling to top design industry icons who regularly grace the covers and pages of the finest shelter magazines. Life and business are always running at a fast clip. My showroom is mobile, that is I'm always on the move. Buying and flipping, selling at shows, selling on 1stdibs. You know, a rolling stone gathers no moss. I'll be looking forward to seeing you! All the best, Heather

What do you love about antiques & the business of antiques?:    I love the camaraderie in the antique and vintage business. I'm going to share a story with you about mentors... Mentors are invaluable assets for they have trudged the paths, climbed up the learning curves and made the mistakes. They have been there and are willing to share their stories, successes and failures. I’d like to tell you about four different mentors that I had and that each of the four were connected to the Chelsea flea market. The first is a dealer in important American and European Twentieth Century design - a dealer who has been and continues to be a feature in the top New York, Hamptons and Miami high end antique and design shows. This dealer taught me to appreciate the scale, form and line. To believe in the pure beauty of the object. And to buy the best that you can. I think it is Miles Redd who is quoted as saying, “Buy the best, and you only cry once.” Needless to say, I have shed a few tears when shopping through the years and will no doubt continue to do so. But I’ve always had a smile on my face afterwards. The second mentor is a team of specialists in antique and period picture frames. An expert team who devotes their lives and careers to the study, understanding, restoration and appreciation of picture frames. From this husband and wife team of specialists I learned that focus and determination are essential building blocks to creating a strong foundation. And the third mentor is a renowned New York City estate buyer who has bought and sold some of the most iconic antique and decorative furnishings to pass through the five boroughs. He taught me to always look a little deeper and to explore the backstory of each object. He taught me that more often than not, your first offer is your best offer and to always be ready for the next adventure. And the fourth mentor. Ah, the City itself. The City that welcomes so many to test themselves and to dare to dream. This mentor taught me that good things come to those who hustle. And hustle I did. You didn’t think that I simply showed up, opened up shop and sat back while the money rolled in? No. I worked day and night and every weekend. Days spent working for my mentors and seeing clients. Nights spent working at any one of five different night clubs, working till 4am and then heading directly to the flea market. Nights spent waiting on the City’s hottest celebrities and days spent researching and selling the City’s finest treasures. These four mentors gave me the best advice, shared their experiences with me and helped to shape me into the dealer I am today.

What is your favorite purchase ever, the one that was hard to let go of, or the one that got away?:    My favorite purchase was the one that taught me humility. You know, learning curves are a funny thing. The slow and steady ones allow you to push forward solidly, steadfastly - but slowly. It’s those sharp learning curves, the ones where you’re racing uphill enjoying breakthrough after breakthrough, only to stumble when you’re so close to the next peak. If you can’t hold on you’ll slide backwards down that steep slope and find yourself back where you started. But, if you can hold on, gather yourself up and re-group - you will have learned a valuable lesson. That mistakes and missteps will happen. The proverbial zigging when you should have zagged. My career has had its fair share of mistakes. Take for example an early Saturday morning in 2003 when I was sourcing antique frames in New York City. I had been growing my vocabulary of frames and felt that my knowledge base had grown exponentially in just a short year. Feeling ready to step up to the plate, I bought a near mint example of a period Louis XIII frame dating to the mid Seventeenth Century still retaining its original finish, original size and original hand carved ornament. Worm holes and all. I couldn’t get the $750 out of my pocket fast enough. Beaming with pride I headed directly to my good friend and mentor’s frame gallery in TriBeCa. His eyes widened as he took one look at my recently purchased masterpiece. “It’s a good one”, he said “for a copy.” … What? “Yes, this is a reproduction dating from the early 20th Century. As long as you didn’t pay too much, there’s always a market for these.” Feeling myself starting to slide backwards, knees buckling, stomach lurching I managed to utter, “Ummm.” That was all he needed to hear, for he had also been there. Been in the place where you think you have it all figured out - only to see that you’ve been looking at it all wrong. I took a step back, re-grouped and saw the situation for exactly what it was. A valuable lesson. For even as I was buying the frame, there was a little voice inside me saying to slow down. But I didn’t listen. Because I had been racing uphill along this learning curve, I chalked up this little voice to self doubt. Quickly pushing it away because I couldn’t be bothered - I mean, I had already learned so much about frames in the past year! Luckily this mistake and bravado cockiness was something that didn’t push me backwards. I used it to propel me further, through humility and the understanding that learning curves are a vital part of the antique and vintage business. Stay sharp!

Justin Shaulis Guest Suite at the Christopher Kennedy Compound at Palm Springs Modernism Week - Vintage items sourced by 20th Century by HKFA
WHY DO YOU LOVE HIGH POINT?:    High Point, every April and October, is an incredible feast for the senses, a reunion of family and friends, a history lesson, and so much more. Just a few of the reasons why I love High Point.

The booth at The Antique & Design Center will be stocked and ready for Spring 2016 High Point - April 14th through 20th, 2016! Everything from antique to mid century, seating to sculpture, classic design to on trend pieces. I'll be debuting my new Modern Look Book concept.

I look forward to helping so many designers find the perfect item for their hard to shop for client. With hundreds of items packed into my space, clients will be sure to find that perfect… chair, lounge chair, pair of chairs, set of dining chairs, set of bar stools… floor lamp, pair of lamps, wall sconces, chandelier… coffee table, pair of tables, console table, dining table… vase, basket… painting, sculpture, frame… book ends, obelisks, candlesticks, boxes…

This Spring Market join me as I explore #ModernLookBook!
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Monday, April 4, 2016

Exhibitor Spotlight: From Here to Antiquity

"From Here To Antiquity" specializes in Fine Art and Sculpture from Old Masters to Mid-Century Modern. They have a Gallery in Cheshire Connecticut, do shows all over America and sell online

David Smernoff is a third generation collector/dealer who remembers going on antiquing road trips with his Grandfather and Father as a child. Now he is passing his love of antiques to his daughter Catalina, shown below with Mike Wolfe from "American Pickers" TV show.

When asked what he loves about the antiques business he said "It's not a job, it's a lifestyle.
Always learning, teaching, meeting new people, going all over the world buying and selling art, antiques and unique objects, and doing it with my family.

I've have had many great finds and it's never "hard to let it go" because I know there will be others."

Let the hunt continue... From Here to Antiquity!

You can find David at The Antique & Design Center this Spring, April 14-20th on Ground Level of Historic Market Square, Space 30A.