Recharge Lounge, Brunch, Happy Hour, & Gelato

Antique & Design Center of High Point
Refresh & Recharge Lounge 
Happy Hour &  Brunch and Gelato!

Refresh & Recharge on Mezz
9am-7pm daily, you can rest your feet, charge your phone and get your second wind for the rest of your day at Market!
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Enjoy a Bubbly Brunch as you browse the ADC

Friday - Tuesday
On Mezzanine (2nd floor) of ADC
Sweeten your afternoon with Gnam Gnam Gelato and coffee to accompany your one of a kind buying adventures at the Antique & Design Center in Historic Market Square.

Happy Hour at The Antique & Design Center
Daily, 4-7pm October 12th-18th

Whiskey Tastings compliments of Troy & Sons Distillers in the Boiler Room Bar to accompany your Happy Hour shopping.