Spring '18 Exhibitors

All exhibitors can be found in Historic Market Square on Ground Level.  Take stairs down from 1st Floor of Market Square or come up the stairs in Salon at Suites at Market Square; or walk over from Mezzanine level of Salon/Suites and go down the stairs at the Boiler Room Bar.

Don't miss our curated space in Salon on Ground level 7031 & 7039 and from there you can take a few steps up to our newly expanded space in Historic Market Square.

*ABC Modern
A. Shaw Antiques
Andrew Harley Antiques
Architectural Anarchy
Art and Antique Hunter 
Aubrey Malcolm Collection
B Kelley Antiques
Carol Pollard
Caroline Faison Antiques
Charles Hanlon Antiques
Craig Ringstad and Don Fields Antiques 
Counter Culture
*Dalton Bain 
Darrell Dean Antiques & Decorative Arts
David Meelheim Designs
Davon's Antiques 
The Dead Artists Gallery
DelRay and Associates
DeLuxe Inc
Djem Unique Ideas
French Bleu
French Touch
George E Shahady Antiques, Inc
Grissom Collection - Estate & Fine Jewelry
Hank Kozlowski
*Huff Harrington Home
Kenny Ball Antiques
Kevin L. Perry Inc.
*Kristy Cohn Design
Ladonna Antiques & Interiors 
Lamp Lady
Legacy Furs
Leonard Designer Pillows
LH Design Studio
Loft Antiques
Louis and Lavender 
Lucky Fish Gallery
Luisana Designs & Antiques
Lynda Willauer Antiques
MacBain Fine Art
Made By England
*Maria's Antiques
Matheson's Fine Art and Antiques
McDonough Fine Art
Old and Proud Inc.
Orkney & Co. LLC
Peridot Antiques
Punch Jones
Robert Corprew Antiques
Robert Massello Antiques
Roy Zito
Rue Auber Antiques 
The Rusty Truck 
*Salvations Architectural Furnishings
Sandy Luther Antiques and Architecturals
Sherwood Antiques
The Silk Purse, Inc.
Sleepy Hollow Antiques
Stout's Great Stuff
The Sweetwood Collection
Tusk Old World & Tracy Collins Designs
*Very Vintage Villa
Vintage Fabrics & Etc.
Vintage Persian Rugs by Jubin Tavakol
Whitehall Antiques

* Star indicates New Dealers for Spring '18