Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Fall 19 Highlights!

Michael and Co.
Don Fields and Craig Ringstad Antiques
Modern Antiquarian
Vintage Persian Rugs by Jubin Tavakol
David Bell Antiques
Luxe 1020 - Nevin Stackhouse
Peridot Antiques - Kevin Johnson
Delray and Associates
Regency Redux - Eddie Corcino
Village Antiques
Davon's Antiques - Jeff Gorman
Hank Kozlowski Antiques

Le Petit Tresor
Stout's Great Stuff

Louis & Lavender
Delray and Associates
Luisana Designs and Antiques

Tusk Old World - Jim Pruitt

Grissom Collection

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    It has meanings such as backwards, for the past, related to the past, related to the past, including the past. So if there is no past

    vintage means the fashion of the past. It covers pieces or collections that were fashionable, resounding and even recognized as valuable in the past.

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