Monday, August 9, 2010

Exhibitor Spotlight... Art & Antique Hunter

Art & Antique Hunter

Art and antique hunter is owned by Mitra Kilburn. She handpicks the pieces from all over the world to bring a balance of diversity and variety to our products. Each piece is a reflection of the class and professionalism of Art and Antique Hunter.

Our antiques & accessories can be the showpieces of your home, store or your clients. Each one of our pieces are handpicked because of their outstanding quality and worksmanship.
Several times a year we have an unloading sale at our Houston warehouse. Buyers at this sale have first dibs on our new containers arriving from Europe. By signing up on our website, you will be notified of when there is a sale and when I personally handpick pieces from all over Europe to bring back to the states.  

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