Sunday, October 7, 2012

Exhibitor Spotlight - Cleveland Art

With stores in Los Angles and Brooklyn, as well as its home base in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason Wein’s stark, minimalist designs are a favorite of Hollywood celebs. In High Point, the Cleveland Art space will feature lighting, shelves and tables built from industrial components and fasteners that Wein culls from defunct factories located throughout New England and America’s rust belt.
“Everything is American-made using recycled and repurposed materials, right down to the fasteners,” Wein says, “because I think it’s the right thing to do. A lot of the machines that we buy from New England are from the 1700s, before electricity, and have three or four lifetimes of workers behind them. Today, with CNC routers and lasers, one man can operate 100 machines and the jobs have been outsourced overseas. It’s a different age and time, and we’ll never see this history again."  CASCADING WATER CHANDELIER
Cleveland Art can be found at High Point Market at The Antique & Design Center at Market Square - Ground Level space 12.  Their home showroom is downtown Los Angeles at 110 N. Santa Fe Ave,  and they just opened their new store at 606 N. La Brea, in West Hollywood.

Written by Kimberley Wray

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