Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Exhibitor Spotlight - The Curious Orange Store

The Curious Orange Store carries a mix of traditional and funky!
The Curious Orange Store,  is an Antique and Interior Design resource that sells a broad range of 18th & 19th Cent. Antiques, from rustic to funky, found or assembled.  The Curious Orange Store is ever evolving.  The owner, Roderick Coles, enjoys juxtaposing  to the extreme. He likes to keep it moving…."If I own something for a year, that's pushing it. Time for that piece to find a new home."

Roderick Coles setting up at The Antique & Design Center

love these lucite tables!

"The Curious Orange Store is really an educational journey for me." says Roderick. "I opened it two years ago to further expand upon my taste and vocabulary within the world of Antiques and Interior  Design.  It serves as both a  sketchbook for my ideas and an environment where I can acquire things that inspire me, learn about them, sell them and move onward and upward.

very cool table

I am honored and excited to be a part of the Antique & Design Center at High Point Market…..I sell great things here, buy incredible inventory to take back to the store,  and have access to so many talented people who have a vast knowledge base within the antiques trade. It's win-win from my perspective."

Photos and story courtesy of The Curious Orange Store

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