Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Exhibitor Spotlight - 20th Century by HKFA

20th Century by HKFA is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

20th Century by HKFA is all about antiques. Fine items with character, tradition and provenance.

These pieces are the foundation of every classic interior. These are the pieces that you'll bequeath to your heirs and they'll sell at auction for an incredible return... Start them off right by buying a few pieces here. Whether you're the Old Master type, fine American furniture connoisseur or somewhere in between… we'll probably have that piece that is somewhere in between Old and Fine.

But, 20th Century by HKFA is also all about modern. Fresh items with color, wit and whimsy.

These pieces are the focal point of every new interior. These are the pieces that your friends will secretly covet, hate you for having the guts to buy, yet compliment you profusely on your style... Help them to get their yellow smiles shining brightly. Whether you're looking for an 'in your face' statement piece of art, an 'over the top' piece of furniture or something completely different… we'll probably have something else entirely.

We like to have fun, because our business is about fun. Connecting clients with their soon to be must have pieces. Turning those connections into friendships. Looking forward to seeing you at the Antique and Design Center of High Point! ~Heather Karlie Vieira

 Photos and info courtesy of Heather Karlie Viera.

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