Monday, November 25, 2013

Some of what you'll find at 1st Find At The Farm -Atlanta

We are so excited to have some of the most wonderful dealers in the country participating in the inaugural 1st Find At The Farm Antique Show in Stockbridge, GA, right outside of downtown Atlanta. 
We will highlight several dealers each week and here are few to get us started.  
Art & Antique Hunter, Sheffield Antiques, Olivier Fleury, and Carol O'Steen.
Happy Thanksgiving!

The list of amazing dealers continues to grow for 1st Find At The Farm - Atlanta!

Art & Antique Hunter
Acanthus Studios
Andy Untermeyer
Antique Sanctuary
Antiques On Holiday
Art and Antique Hunter
B Kelley Antiques
The Big Chandelier
Brenner Valdez
Carol O'Steen
Carol Pollard
The Compleat Flea 
Connie Walker
Del Ray & Associates
Elizabeth Anne Home
The English Antique Co.
Farmhouse Paint Co.
French Renaissance
Harrison Gallery
Howard Dawson Antiques
Lolo French Antiques
Luisana Designs & Antiques
Maison de France
Mayfair Antiques
McDonough Fine Art  
Nashville Rug Gallery
Old and Proud
Olivier Fleury
Pottsville Antiques - Jay Yupcavage
Regency Antiques
Robin Leonard Designer Pillows
Sandy Luther Antiques & Architecturals
The Side Door - Lynn King
Steven Postans Antiques
Sheffield Antiques
Stevens Antiques
Sue Broder
Thomas Hoke Antiques
Tomlinson Antiques
Vintage Studios by John Lane 

Art & Antique Hunter
Art & Antique Hunter
Sheffield Antiques
Olivier Fleury Antiques
Carol O'Steen
Olivier Fleury
Olivier Fleury
Olivier Fleury
Carol O'Steen
Olivier Fleury
Carol O'Steen

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