Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Five 2015 Home Color & Design Directions

Spotted at the Antique & Design Center by  The Decorating Diva - Carmen Natschke

Exciting trends in home decor and color direction for 2015 were spotted in all areas of the fall 2014 High Point furniture and design market from new furniture collections debuting in a multitude of showrooms to the aisles upon aisles of fabulous vintage and antiques gracing the floors of the Antique & Design Center.  At what can easily be referred to as the best furniture and design market that I’ve attended in the last four years, furniture manufacturers, showrooms and exhibitors laid out their fabulous and magnificent design vision for the home as we head into 2015. I share a few of my favorite vintage and antique discoveries from the Antique & Design Center which serve to illustrate some of the color and design trends I noted at the fall furnishings and design market.


The presence of blues, from Powdery Blues to Inky Blues and every hue in-between, had a strong showing at market.
Antiques and Vintage Furniture and Decor (from left to right): Watercolor Painting - Lusiana Designs & Antiques // Antique Bird Cage - Amanda Lane Design // Beaded Crystal Wall Sconces -Lola & Bess // Vintage Blue Chair - Parham & Company // Regal Decorative Pillows - Craig Ringstad & Don Fields Antiques.


In the same vein as blue, green appeared to be a market favorite among exhibitors. Greens, in a spectrum from yellow-greens to blue-greens and grayed-greens, were signaling a fresh re-emergence in home decor.
Antiques and Vintage Furniture and Decor (from left to right): Vintage Asparagus Motif Fine China - Acanthus Studios // Green Retro Barware & Stemware - The Pink Door // Vintage Chartreuse Highback Chairs - 20th Century HKFA // Vintage Chanel Advertising Poster - Maxine Wolff Shapiro Antiques // Faded Lime/Citrine Antique Chest of Drawers - Davon Antiques.


Furniture and decor dressed and draped in sumptuous furs and luxe hides furthered the cocooning and embracing concept of home as sanctuary.
Antiques and Vintage Furniture and Decor (from left to right):  Chair Covered in Chic Cow Hide - The Barn on Sweetwood // Vintage White Fur Throw - DeLoach Modern // Voluptuous Sheep Skin Rug - Antiques on Holiday.


The allure of animal magnetism was inescapable - from: striking Leopard and Cheetah prints to Scalamandre Zebra stripes;  elephant statues to intricately sculpted animal representations in furniture and art (like the stunning cocktail table shown below); horns in natural bone or Lucite; and natural or color-dyed hides.
Antiques and Vintage Furniture and Decor (from left to right):  Vintage Metal Chair Upholstered in Leopard Print Velvet - Stout's Great Stuff // Exotic Elephant Statue/Table - DeLoach Modern // Porcelain Cheetah Statue - Kevin L. Perry // Antique Louis Chair in Leopard Print - J. Comb Home // Glass Top Cocktail Table with Brass Ram Head Base - Sandy Luther Antiques and Architecture.


The spellbinding attraction of a well-worn piece that has survived through history passed on from one home to another - carrying within its tarnished, rusted, distressed and patina-covered exterior a storied past- was on display in various style settings from contemporary to traditional giving the design a rich, layered and interesting appeal.
Antiques and Vintage Furniture and Decor (from left to right):  Weathered Decor & Garden Statues - Sleepy Hallow Antiques // Patina-rich Grasshopper & Wood and Metal Box - Peridot Antiques // Burnished Sun Wall Art - Carol Pollard // Distressed Wood Table - YM Design.

The Antique & Design Center is excited to welcome Carmen Natschke as a guest writer for our blog!

http://highpointantiquecenter.blogspot.com/2014/08/be-moved-antique-design-center.htmlCarmen Maria Natschke is a freelance writer, speaker and the founder of the internationally acclaimed blog, The Decorating Diva. Her passion for design has her traveling the globe as a lifestyle and design expert sharing her love of art, architecture, design, and trends.

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