Monday, March 28, 2016

Exhibitor Spotlight: French Touch

We asked Elyan Reboul a few questions about his business, French Touch.  When reading his responses, please imagine a friendly smile and the most charming French accent ever, then visit The Antique & Design Center of High Point, April 14-20th, 2016 to meet him and his partner Tracy Lagrow and experience their exquisite collection of museum worthy textiles. 

What's your specialty? 
We are specialized in high end textiles from the 1500's to 1920's.  Tapestries, rare drapes, linens etc.   We also carry a variety of fine smalls and furniture from Europe.

Where do you sell?  
We only sell in shows, so this is the moment to meet us.  We will give you the best!

How did you get started in the Antiques/Design business?
It is not only a profession, it is a long time passion since childhood and seems it always will be.  We love to share our passion.  This is the best part of our profession.  We want to make this an experience!!!!!!!! 

What do you love about antiques and the business of antiques?
Finding a fabulous treasure is the best of all, and being able to present it to the public is fantastic.  Also, when you hear people saying "Thank you for giving me the chance to see this piece." Then you know you succeeded and accomplished something.   

What is your favorite purchase ever, the one that was hard to let go of, or the one that got away?
Well, this is a very difficult questions.      
I hope my favorite purchase is in the future, otherwise it will be the end of our adventure. In the career of an antique dealer there are a lot of those finds, or should I say... falling in love.  It's a constant movement that keeps us going;  
but there is one that I could mention.  One day in a faire in France, laying on the ground in a pile of junk, I saw shining in the sun of this early and cold morning, the most unexpected object.  It was a cyboire (communion chalice) covered with diamonds, rubies and pearls.  That day I knew I was blessed, not only because it was a religious object, but also I knew I would be responsible for protecting this treasure of art for the future generation.  Yes, we also have this responsibility.  

Why do you love High Point Market?

Well, many things, but I would say the energy and also the knowledgeable attendees.  It makes all the difference!  

See you soon! 

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