Friday, April 8, 2016

New Exhibitor Spotlight: Lucky Fish Gallery

When you visit us this Spring you will see all your old friends from previous markets plus a few new faces in the mix.  Each of them have great energy and great pieces for you to discover!

We are happy to welcome Lucky Fish Gallery to the Antique & Design Center of High Point this Spring.  
April 14-20, 2015. 
Market Square Ground Level Space 15 ADC and 
Upstairs on Mezz in the Lecture Room/Recharge Station

What's your specialty?:    We love artwork, paintings, drawings, sculptures, pottery, weavings, anything art related, new, old, worn, fresh!

We work with artists who need us! Artists that stay in the studio and create. Or artists that have moved on in this life but left their artwork in our care.

Are we art experts?, well, yes in our own little world:)

Where do you sell? A shop? Shows? Online?:    We sell here in the Antique and design Center and also at LEE Industries showroom during High Point Furniture Market.

We sell on line but to the trade only at
What is your favorite purchase ever, the one that was hard to let go of, or the one that got away?:    I bought a painting from the artist Peter Keil of Germany, he has tons of work out in this world but... this one was way different and really special. This was one of his early works,,,, he painted this piece when he was young and in NY and totally inspired. The worse part is that I sold it really cheap :(
what was I thinking? :/

WHY DO YOU LOVE HIGH POINT?:    I love High Point when the world arrives... it's like a little sleeping child, once awake, crazy, running spinning, wearing herself out and then lying down for a 6 month nap.

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