Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Antique & Design Center Stands Against Descrimination

The Antique and Design Center of High Point LLC stands in solidarity with our friends, family and colleagues AGAINST the HB2 bill that has recently passed in the North Carolina legislature.
Discriminating against LGBT people, or anyone, is not what we or our state are about! ‪#‎wearenotthis‬

Here at the ADC, we are about diversity and inclusivity; pushing the envelope and pushing boundaries; personal expressions of the individual and the beauty of the collective.
We are hopeful that the narrow-minded thinking that carried the day on March 24th will be swiftly over-ruled. We pledge to work on influencing our lawmakers to see that this un-American law is removed from the books in our great state. It insults us all!

Our family of exhibitors consists of a broad spectrum of entrepreneurial spirits who follow their own dreams and passions to be here. They come from all over the world, bringing the best of the best for our home-furnishing clients. Please don’t punish them by boycotting (or girlcotting) the High Point Market Show…Make your voices heard in a more direct way by communicating personally with every one who voted to approve the bill and we will do the same.

Yours In love and beauty- Karen , Amanda and Chandra of the ADC of High Point ‪#‎hpadc‬ ‪#‎hpmkt‬

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