Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New Exhibitor Spotlight: Baileywyck Antiques of Middleburg

We are excited to welcome new exhibitor, Lisa Vella of Baileywyck Antiques of Middleburg.  You can find her April 14-20th at The Antique & Design Center of High Point, on Mezzanine right above the Boiler Room Bar, which we know you'll be stopping by for a sip of Troy & Son's Whiskey, so head on up the stairs to see Lisa!  You will love her.
We asked... she answered... 

What's your specialty?: 
We offer all styles and periods of furnishings individually picked by us to enhance our customers homes. From ten foot tall hand carved mirrors, and french hand painted oil on canvas screens, we offer something for everyone.

Where do you sell? A shop? Shows? Online?: 
We have a 4000 square foot brick and mortar shop in beautiful hunt country of Middleburg Va one hour from DC as well as an eBay store and now The High Point Antique and design Center.

How did you get started in the Antiques/Design business?: 
As a young Mom with kids in school and living in Oxford England, I had the time to learn to love all things old.
What do you love about antiques & the business of antiques?:
I have found that people who are interested in antiques have so many tales to share themselves that my love is twofold. I sell something I found interesting to someone who introduces this one of a kind piece into their own home and now it takes on their life and they add even more history to it. And, in some small way, I have become part of their lives. And hopefully a happy, and comfortable one that makes them smile for years to come!
What is your favorite purchase ever, the one that was hard to let go of, or the one that got away?: 
My first golden retriever named Bailey whom my shop and farm was named after.I will never let go of him.
: )
High Point is all things exciting and beautiful. It has color, personality, warmth and excitement.

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