Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall 2014 Exhibitors: Antique & Design Center of High Point... Part 4

by Carmen Natschke

Looking for that special something for your home decor shop or the perfect piece to finish an interior design project? Look no further than the fabulous Antique and Design Center of High Point (ADC). The ADC is the only location in which over 70 of the best dealers in the country gather twice a year to offer an exquisite and beautifully curated selection of antiques, vintage, and new designs. So, whether you're looking for something a little glam, chic, continental, artisan made, industrial, glorious or garden inspired, set course for the ADC, and be prepared to Be Moved, for what is sure to be an inspiring journey of discovery!

Tuesdays on the Boulevard

About: Known for a signature style that is bold and fearless, the designing women of Tuesdays on the Boulevard are masters of pushing and challenging design boundaries. Fearlessly decorating with vintage and antique furniture, decor and art, these design partners and antique dealers mix a diverse range of furniture styles with an impressive implementation of scale and texture finished with an exquisitely honed editing process. Their design process results in a dramatic and powerful presentation that leaves buyers wanting for more, and anticipating what this team of talented women will create next.
Design Styles: Glorious, Chic, Glam
Booth: G38

Parham & Company

About: A tasteful experience for an eclectic eye!, the tagline for Parham and Company succinctly, and, with just the right touch of whimsy, captures the essence of this 80 year-old antiques business. Parham now helmed by third-generation owners, Batu and Ashley, offers an experience like no other with its well-edited eclectic collections of vintage and antique furniture and decor with the occasional oddity thrown in to surprise and delight buyers.
Design Styles: Chic, Continental, Glorious
Booth: G58
Website: Parham & Company
Connect: Facebook

Added Oomph!

About: Known for its enchanting and charming collection of vintage and antiques that are unusual, eclectic and even a tad bit quirky, Added Oomph! is the go-to destination for designers looking to, well, add a little oomph to their projects. Owned by antiques dealer, Barbara Plott, Added Ooomph! has been delighting buyers with its unique and interesting pieces at the High Point market for over 35 years. Barbara sources her furniture, decor and art from a variety of European countries including France, Belgium, England and Holland. At the spring market she had several fantastic architectural elements from France and Belgium as well as vintage Pub signs, and garden d√ącor and statuary from England. Buyers are definitely looking forward to her design finds for the fall market!
Design Styles: Continental, Garden, Chic
Booth: G45
Website: Added Oomph!
ADC Spotlight: Added Oomph! Spring 2014, Added Oomph! Fall 2010
A little ADC Trivia: Barbara was the first antiques dealer to show at the High Point market, and, in fact has a showroom at 500 N. Wrenn. She also is one of the dealers that have been with the Antique and Design Center since they opened!

Andrew Harley Antiques

About: Antiquarian, Andrew Harley, is on a tireless mission on a quest through Europe hunting for interesting and unique Biedermeier, French Country and Decorative Arts furniture and decor to bring back to sell at this eponymous business, Andrew Harley Antiques. Andrew also sources an eclectic collection of antique styles to fit any design project: Baroque, Louis XVI, Neoclassical, Louis Phillippe, Early Third Republic, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco.
Design Styles: Continental, Chic
Booth: G5
Connect: Facebook

The Barn on Sweetwood

About: Dynamos, neighbors and best friends, Stephanie and Denise have so much in common. They're designers, painters, vintage and antiques dealers, and moms to great kids, so it was no surprise when the two teamed up to launch, The Barn on Sweetwood. With their inherent knack for design, endless style, and captivating creativity, the ladies at The Barn on Sweetwood have assured themselves a stylish and commanding presence in the vintage and antiques markets. They are known for their chic, glamorous, elegant, yet rustic style direction and for their eclectic mix of 1960s, Mid-Century Modern, and antique furniture and decor.
Design Styles: Glam, Chic
Booth: G22
Website: The Barn on Sweetwood
Connect: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
ADC Spotlight: The Barn on Sweetwood Spring 2014

French Bleu

About: Elegant, classic and always refined, French Bleu offers a splendid array of antique French furniture with some pieces sourced in other European countries. The husband and wife team who own French Bleu, Tammie and Brian, also like to throw in a design surprise or two in their vignettes. Last spring they added a touch of the unexpected - Spanish Gaudi-esque doors set amongst more traditional French furniture. It was a huge success, and evidence that their always very well-edited vignettes draw quite a bit of attention.
Design Styles: Continental, Chic, Garden
Booth: G37

Embellish Antiques

About: Akin Kolawale has a passion for antiques, vintage furniture and lighting. Antique and vintage lighting have been an enduring interest for Nigerian-born, North Carolina-based, Akin.  It started over 20 years ago while he was in college in Massachusetts where he worked for a local antique lighting store. Soon thereafter, Akin launched his own antiques business in the historic Beacon Hill area. Embellish Antiques specializes in antique lighting, English and continental furniture. Akin sources his products from the United States and Europe. He's known for his well-trained eye for ascertaining what is fine in many styles, and time periods.
Design Styles: Chic, Glam, Industrial
Booth: G34a
Website: Embellish Antiques
Connect: Facebook

The Antique & Design Center is excited to welcome Carmen Natschke as a guest writer for our blog! Maria Natschke is a freelance writer, speaker and the founder of the internationally acclaimed blog, The Decorating Diva. Her passion for design has her traveling the globe as a lifestyle and design expert sharing her love of art, architecture, design, and trends.

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