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Fall 2014 Exhibitors: Antique & Design Center of High Point... Part 3

by Carmen Natschke

Looking for that special something for your home decor shop or the perfect piece to finish an interior design project? Look no further than the fabulous Antique and Design Center of High Point (ADC). The ADC is the only location in which over 70 of the best dealers in the country gather twice a year to offer an exquisite and beautifully curated selection of antiques, vintage, and new designs. So, whether you're looking for something a little glam, chic, continental, artisan made, industrial, glorious or garden inspired, set course for the ADC, and be prepared to "Be Moved" for what is sure to be an inspiring journey of discovery!


Stout's Great Stuff
What Moves Us: The antiques business moves us the way music makes us want to dance. They both have been a significant part of our lives since we were married 44 years ago. As we get older, we find that our passion for antiques as well as our love of music that touches the spirit and makes us want to get up and dance are two very strong factors that keep us strong and always moving!

The fantastic cycle of our antique's business: the shopping, making a find, getting it ready for sell and then experiencing the joy that comes from someone loving it as much as we do is so moving on many levels and it fuels our passion for this business.  Exhibiting at the Antique and Design Center show has been a wonderful experience. We have been deeply moved by everything related to the show from the family of dealers, the support and guidance provided by Karen, Amanda, Chandra and the team, and all of the wonderful people visiting the show that we've met. We never want that feeling of being inspired and moved by passion to end. We hope that you can come by and visit us, and perhaps you'll be moved, too! George & Kitty

About: George and Kitty, owners of Stout's Great Stuff, are as well known for their fun, humorous, innovative and edgy booth designs as they are for being Shag Dance champions traveling the country showing off their choreographed dance moves. Their love of antiques and dance intersect in a melodious setting in which George creatively pairs up Industrial, Art Deco, and Mid-Century pieces with original art and sculpture, always eliciting a double-take by those walking by his booth. Captivating, original, and still keeping it fresh after 35 years in the business; Stout's Great Stuff is definitely the place to visit when you're seeking something out of the ordinary or the unexpected.
Design Styles: Chic, Industrial, Glam
Booths: G40 & G41
Website: Stout's Great Stuff


String Theory Home

What Moves Us: Color, pattern and texture in textiles with a rich history steeped in Indian craftsmanship and artistry moves us. We are thrilled and deeply moved to be sharing our new Kantha color collection of sumptuous orchids, intense blues and vintage rust textiles with visitors to the Antique and Design Center show this fall.  Steve Sorrow & String Theory Home

About: Discovering and bringing antiques, art, primitive furniture and the exotic, deeply hued, and magnificently patterned textiles of India to US markets is a passion for Steven Sorrow the owner of String Theory Home. String Theory Home offers a beautiful selection of rugs, home textiles, and other home furnishings including pillows, storage, bags, area rugs, accent rugs, Kantha quilts, Kantha pillows, Kantha throws, Kantha blankets, Kantha scarves, Kantha shawls, Kantha bags, and more.
Design Styles: Artisan Made, Chic, Continental
Booth: G43
Website: String Theory Rug & Textile
Connect: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram


Sleepy Hollow Antiques

About: Terry Kolsrud travels the globe in search of unique and interesting furnishings, and is driven by the thrill of unearthing unusual and unique antiques to bring back to his antiques shop, Sleepy Hollow Antiques. Terry's booth is a splendid mix of architectural elements, primitive pieces and industrial decor from India, Asia and Europe sitting alongside his own original design collection of Earth-friendly vine balls, harvested from vines pulled from trees, that he has fashioned into sconces, sculptures and hanging pendants.
Design Styles: Artisan, Chic, Industrial
Booths: G49, G50, G51
Website: Sleepy Hollow Antiques


Carol Pollard

About: Renowned in antiques and vintage circles as the dealer other antiquarian and vintage dealers flock to, Carol Pollard never fails to impress with her flair for creating spellbinding, dramatic vignettes furnished with eclectic pieces from varied periods, styles and provenance. Her exhibit is among the best in show, and her pieces are quickly snatched off the floor by savvy buyers.
Design Styles: Chic, Glam, Glorious
Booth: G28
Connect: Facebook



About: Cathy Sexton of Catiques deftly breathes new life into vintage jewelry creating a resplendent and sublime contemporary collection of repurposed baubles and bejeweled accessories that are sure to mesmerize with their elegant allure.
Design Styles: Artisan Made, Chic, Glam
Booth: G63
Website: Catiques
Connect: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
ADC Spotlight: Catiques Vintage Jewelry Spring 2014, Catiques Vintage Jewelry Fall 2013


Acanthus Studios Inc

What Moves Us: Is our enduring love of the outdoors. We both grew up on St. Simons Island, Georgia and spent our childhood exploring paradise. As children, we weren't allowed to sit inside and vegetate in front of the television set. We both spent countless hours trekking through the woods, playing on the beach and in the water. We feel that our business, Acanthus Studios, is a culmination of our lifelong love affair with the outdoors. We aren't your typical, run of the mill antiques store. We are greatly inspired by nature and take beautiful antique and vintage furniture and accessories for your home and give them a twist with surprising finds from nature. We draw inspiration from the savannas of Africa, to the oceans of the world or even your own backyard. - Jess & Gayle

About: Acanthus Studios offers a very diverse selection of hand-picked, attention-getting antique and vintage pieces sourced from exotic destinations the world over, all combined with touches of nature inspired elements. Their natural world products run the gamut from shells and coral to horn sconces and zebra skin rugs. They also design custom lamps made from quartz crystals, amethyst and petrified wood.
Design Styles: Artisan Made, Chic, Continental
Booth: G24
Website: Acanthus Studios
Connect: Facebook
ADC Spotlight: Acanthus Studios Spring 2014, Acanthus Studios Fall 2013

The Antique & Design Center is excited to welcome Carmen Natschke as a guest writer for our blog! Maria Natschke is a freelance writer, speaker and the founder of the internationally acclaimed blog, The Decorating Diva. Her passion for design has her traveling the globe as a lifestyle and design expert sharing her love of art, architecture, design, and trends.

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