Thursday, January 15, 2015

Punch Jones - Antique & Design Center of High Point - Exhibitor Spotlight

Thank you to Punch Jones for being a sponsor of the Antique & Design Center at High Point Market.  Without our generous sponsors we could not produce such a wonderful week of events at #HPMkt.
As we continue our quest to "Be Moved", we asked Heidi Hall-Jones, of Punch Jones, what moves her, and we loved her responses.  We think you will too...
  • Transformation.  Seeing the potential in an object beyond it's current color, state of repair, or present use.  Working with talented craftsmen, keeping time honored decorative techniques alive.
  • Playing with color, shape, form.  Mixing it up: high and low, rough with the smooth, modern with antique.  Adding something unexpected, whether it's a jolt of color, a texture, an object or piece of art to energize a space (and get a conversation started.)

  • The sensual experiences that fold into memories: the scent of tea olives blooming at the back door, sitting in front of a fire with a vintage wool throw wrapped around your shoulders, peonies massed in your grandmother's vase.  Understanding that furniture and objects don't merely decorate a house, but become the elements of making a sanctuary, a home. 
  • But most of all: having fun.  Enjoying life and bringing joy whenever possible, served up with laughter and a glass of rosé champagne! ~Heidi
   Don't miss Heidi's fabulous eye for design at Antique & Design Center of High Point
Ground Level of Market Square - Spaces 8 & 9a
April 16-23, 2015

Photos and information courtesy of Punch Jones.

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