Friday, March 6, 2015

The Evolution of Antiques at High Point Market & a Sneak Peek Spring '15 Antique & Design Center

Dolce Antiques
The inclusion of Antiques at the High Point Furniture Market has been an evolution that began as early as 40 years ago. It started with a handful of designers using antiques when setting up new furniture and accessories showrooms. Some of the designers rented items from local antiques dealers and others used vintage pieces out of their homes to personalize the vignettes.

Dolce Antiques
Of course, the settings using interesting antique appointments became the more visited showrooms. They presented new pieces in an environment that resonated to designers and store owners alike, giving them a much more complete selling tool for merchandising their own stores and installations at home---and a unique leg up on their competitors.
Parham & Co.
This trend of antiques being used in the Marketplace has morphed into an extremely strong presence on the High Point skyline. Those antiques dealers who used to rent to new showrooms, started presenting their own antiques showrooms at the Market as they realized what a golden opportunity it was. Some of the designers who used to accessorize with their own antiques also started selling their pieces –They no longer just made the new furniture look better: they were actually able to make money doing so.
George E. Shahady Antiques Warehouse
German Favorite Antiques
Fast forward- 40 years----High Point has now blossomed into many Interior Designer’s secret source for their most high end projects. In the past, showrooms would not allow Interior Designers into their buildings until the third day of Market---The first days were allocated to the big “Stocking Dealers”. Those days are gone!

With the strong presence of multiple, diverse antique and artisan venues at the Market now, Designers no longer shop High Point just for new goods. They can buy across the board , finding everything they need for their clients, especially those exceptional antique gems that make them stand out in their field.
George E Shahady Antiques Warehouse
George E Shahady Antiques Warehouse
The antique venues at the High Point Market with the Antique and Design Center leading the way , presenting 65+ dealers and artisans, are all presenting their best curated collections with the Home furnishings industry tastes well in mind!
George E Shahady Antiques Warehouse
George E Shahady Antiques Warehouse
Tuesdays On The Boulevard

Patricia F Allen
Patricia F Allen Antiques
Patricia F Allen
Added Oomph!
Stout's Great Stuff
Luisana Designs & Antiques

Written by Karen Luisana and photos by Amanda Lane Kinney

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