Thursday, August 3, 2017

Between Markets these dealers never stop...

We love to keep up with our exhibitors and friends between shows so we checked in this summer at Atlanta Market to visit with quite a few of them that set up and sell there too. Unlike during High Point Market, it was great to be able to take the time to stop and chat instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off. :) -Amanda
Mayfair Antiques  I loved this Library art.  Libraries used to have art collections that they would check out so that people that couldn't afford a real art collection could temporarily hang something beautiful in their home. What a wonderful idea.  Art for everybody! Who knew?!?!
McDonough Fine Art with her beautiful collection of antique prints and works on paper.
Sandy Luther Antiques & Architecturals with her signature gilty pleasures.
lots of sold tags in B Kelley Antiques space (per the usual:))

Gorgeousness from Delray and Associates
Sweet details at A. Vincent Antiques
Details Details at Delray & Associates
Great art and more at Matheson's Fine Art and Antiques
Loft Antiques, I would call classic with a bit of edginess. 
Kenny Ball Antiques beautiful blue and white dishes in a fabulous chinoiserie piece.
Gorgeous fragments from Maison de France Antiques
Trilogy Antiques (not our dealer but I loved his space!  Maybe he could be convinced to join us in the future. :))
Gillian Bryce shows in High Point at 214 Modern Vintage and we got to visit with her and Susie Quillin of MiNTY (an ADC dealer) since Susie was helping her out that day.  Love both of these ladies!
Sam at Lucky Fish Gallery helping a customer.
Craig Ringstad and Don Fields Antiques
In love with these intaglios on a pink background from A. Vincent Antiques
Old and Proud - Karen Berryman with her beautiful European delights.
Tusk Old World is always a show favorite.
LR Antiques surprises with this fun pop of yellow and red!
 Excited to welcome The Lamp Lady of Atlanta to the show this coming Fall!
Tracy Collins's Fortuny pillow collection had already been whittled down when I arrived.  Empty shelves and sold tags abound.
 We hope they all had a great show in Atlanta and we'll share more of our travels soon!  There is Brimfield and Vegas and more!

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