Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Exhibitor Spotlight: Punch Jones

Punch Jones is really a love story, and all love stories begin with a journey. It’s about coming to Florida on a whim, and deciding to take a risk. It’s about falling in love with a building, and letting it lead you on an incredible journey. The building was a Gulf gas station, built on Anastasia Island in 1935, at the foot of the Bridge of Lions. 
When Heidi Hall-Jones found the building in 1992 it had fallen into considerable disrepair, and no sane person would have taken it on. It was love at first sight, and what followed over the next 18 months was a total transformation. What she didn’t appreciate at the time was that she was being transformed as well. 
The building was a classroom as she honed her eye and design skills, providing a steady backdrop as her tastes and knowledge of antiques and vintage furniture evolved. Amazingly, twenty five years later, the building has remained somehow perfectly fresh and in style even as her tastes and preferences continue to evolve. 

 When someone asks her what her style is, she says, “it’s Punch style.” 
It’s elegant and casual, streamlined and curvaceous, the antique paired with the modern. She likes beautiful things with a provenance and a pedigree equally with the funky, unusual, and unexpected. Punch Style is about creating a space that is equal parts sanctuary and laboratory, playful and beautiful, an unmistakable vibe. 

Some people would call that a love story. 

You can once again find Punch Jones at The Antique & Design Center on the Ground level of Historic Market Square, space MS-G 8 ADC.

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