Friday, September 5, 2014

Fall 2014 Exhibitors: Antique & Design Center of High Point... Part 2

By Carmen Natschke

Looking for that special something for your home decor shop or the perfect piece to finish an interior design project? Look no further than the fabulous Antique and Design Center of High Point (ADC). The ADC is the only location in which over 70 of the best dealers in the country gather twice a year to offer an exquisite and beautifully curated selection of antiques, vintage, and new designs. So, whether you're looking for something a little glam, chic, continental, artisan made, industrial, glorious or garden inspired, set course for the ADC, and be prepared to Be Moved!, for what is sure to be an inspiring journey of discovery!

Sandy Luther Antiques & Architecturals

About: Sandy Luther Antiques and Architecturals offers an artistically styled mix of classic 18th and 19th century French and Italian furniture, mirrors and accessories as well as architectural elements. Sandy is known for her distinctive style combining classic pieces with found objects, her elegant attention to details, and for her use of a sublime greige, gilded palette which serves to highlight each of the beautiful pieces in her booth. Her market displays are truly works of art that will take your breath away. Sandy resupplies daily as she sells out, so keep coming by to see what's new!
Design Styles: Continental, Glam, Glorious
Booth: G48

The Pink Door

About: Powerhouse father and son team, and owners of The Pink Door, Glenn Lavinder, celebrated interior designer and prolific antiques dealer, alongside his son Cameron add an inimitable, polished style to their posh antiques and design offerings. Whatever style you're seeking the odds are pretty good that you'll find what you're looking for amongst The Pink Door's selection of fine antique and vintage furniture and decor from various periods - some dating back to the 18th century.
Design Styles: Continental, Glam, Glorious
Booths: G16a & G16b
Website: The Pink Door
Connect: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram


About: Enchanted by the exotic furniture, decor and textiles they discovered while vacationing in Morocco, Glen and Ellen Wunderley decided to bring back some of the beautiful treasures they found to share with others and in the process their import business, Wunderley was born. Wunderley offers fine artisan crafted delights from Syria, Morocco and various other Middle Eastern countries.
Design Styles: Artisan Made, Chic, Continental
Booth: G62
Website: Wunderley

Lola & Bess

What Moves Me: "Be Moved coincides very well with our company's tagline which is "live with things you love". We are moved so often in this business which enables us to be surrounded by items which have a history - a life that can only be imagined through the study of origin and period of the piece. We encourage our clients to live with items that move them. It's a good design gauge: If you fall in love with something, it will marry well with the things already in your home.î -Bess Halstead Lee

About: The mother and daughter team of Martha Halstead and Lola Halstead Lee are the elegant and talented design mavens behind the splendid Lola & Bess shop. With a passion for beautiful art, antiques, design and craftsmanship the duo curate a divine collection of beautiful art, and antique and design pieces they've thoughtfully sourced throughout the markets of Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom.
Design Styles: Continental, Glam, Glorious
Booth: G61
Website: Lola & Bess
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DeLoach Modern

About: DeLoach Modern, helmed by siblings and interior designers Candace and Michael DeLoach, offers 1970s vintage and Mid-Century Modern furniture, decor and art. When the creative duo aren't showing their amazing vintage decor in perfectly designed vignettes that transport you, oh, so stylishly in time, at the Antique and Design Center they can be found pursuing their love of interior design. Candace divides her time between designing interiors and running a Charlottesville, Virginia bed and breakfast while Michael practices his design magic in New York City. And, a little design trivia for those of us who love movie set design! Candace's partner was one of the set designers on the Oscar winning movie, Lincoln. Fun!
Design Styles: Glam, Chic, Artisan Made
Booth: G55
Website: DeLoach Modern

Nancy Price Home

What Moves Me: Be Moved is the perfect tag line for the Antiques & Design Center and it is my desire for each person that walks the aisles. I am moved and inspired by the curated collection of pieces found at the ADC. As both a designer and an antiquare, I live in the anticipation of that moment when I spot that perfect piece that will either complete or begin a design project. The piece that I know will enrich the entire design experience for my client. I feel this type of anticipation from other dealers here. I am thrilled to be a part of this unique group of collectors and to share with the buyers my passion for design, art, and procurement of that piece that will be their perfect piece. Nancy Price

About: Coming full circle the renowned interior designer Nancy Price transitioned, a few years ago, from customer to exhibitor at the Antique and Design Center. Her booth's vignettes are as beautiful as the interiors she so skillfully designs. With a keen eye for color and composition, Nancy creates an ethereal design experience that sets the stage for showcasing her unique and exquisitely curated collection of antiques, vintage furniture, custom jewelry and fine objects.
Design Styles: Glam, Artisan Made, Chic
Booth: G35
Website: Nancy Price Interiors
Connect: Blog, Facebook, Pinterest

The Antique & Design Center is excited to welcome Carmen Natschke as a guest writer for our blog! Maria Natschke is a freelance writer, speaker and the founder of the internationally acclaimed blog, The Decorating Diva. Her passion for design has her traveling the globe as a lifestyle and design expert sharing her love of art, architecture, design, and trends.

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